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Level Range: hero-hero

    Dimension: cantellia

Bard Lore:

The Bard says:

Long ago when my adventures were
just starting, my friend who graduated 
with me from the University of Music  
chased a dream.

Lusting for immortality and power that
would rival the God's themselves he set
out to find the lost city of Cantlin.

I chose not to chase the foolish dream,
if the city of the God's, the mother
land of all mortals, and all that has
ever been, and all that will ever be
ever existed, it would be ruins by now.

But he was convinced Paradise existed,
and that the treasures and experience
it had to offer could catapult those
who are already powerful into legends
of epic proportions.

He studied it, it made him mad, the
quest for the glory and his greed drove
him away from his friends; away from
society.  He became obsessed, anti-
social, he even suspected me of trying
to steal the knowledge from him.

When we heard that in the twisted lands
which lie at the western point of
Tsunami Island were having earthquakes
of unparalleled proportions, he was
convinced this was the rise of the all
powerful realm.  That the rise and fall
of the world was at hand and the 
prophecies of a new jihad, the size of
which has never been seen was on the 

Since he left I have never heard from
him.  I do miss him dearly but I fear
the worst.  Adventurer, please do not
seek these lands, only the fool hardy

who wish to bring death and shame upon
their name would do so.  If it exists,
it is too powerful for mere mortals.

However, if you do decide to not heed
my word and my experience, then you
had better be ready, for whatever lies
out there, if there is anything there,
will be unlike anything we have ever
seen.  From what I could gather, there
are practices of dark magic and spells
this world has never seen.