Barovia Forest

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Level Range: 4-10,15,19

  Island: barovia  

Bard Lore:

Barovia Forest
The bard looks scared and says: "Are you sure you want to know
about that area?"
The bard continues: "Ok then, it was some years ago I was still
travelling around the world when I took the boat to Barovia. At the
main street I turned to the south and continued walking past some
shops. I even recall of some guards that were meant to protect the
citizens. Despite my attempts to learn what was going on, everyone
was running into their houses with a scary look on their face. I decided
to walk further to the south and find out myself. Oh, god! A lot of strange
undead creatures appeared out of nowhere as I walked into the forest. It
was very hard to get through them... I couldn't even rest there, except
for when I finally reached at some hills... I continued my exploration and
thanks to my experience I even found some kind of treasure there.
I suggest you don't go there... it's a very dangerous place...