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Level Range: 10-hero

  Island: middle_earth  

Bard Lore:

From what I know of Balduvia, it is a small village of barbarians high up in the mountains east of Harkensville.  Despite the camp's small size, the Balduvian Horde is quite numerous.  They mostly keep to themselves and live off the forest, but the Balduvians frequently raid the Tsunami mainland for needed supplies, and unneeded gold...  Their army consists mostly of barbarians but I hear they also hire on mercenaries, and use elite berserker warriors as shock troops.  Their leader, Lovisa Coldeyes, is a fierce amazon who has been known to beat a man senseless just for looking at her the wrong way - you would do well to steer clear of her!

Despite their somewhat hostile nature, the Balduvians have been known to willingly trade with outsiders for needed supplies.  I also hear the Balduvians have amassed a great deal of wealth from their raids on the mainland over the years, but good luck trying to take it from them.  The only thing that the Balduvians value more than their loot is their ale!