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Level Range: hero-hero

  Island: middle_earth  

Bard Lore:

Hmmm, Asgard eh?  It sits at the highest level of the universe, surrounded by
a high, impenetrable wall of rare evergreen thickets.  Asgard be the home
of the Aesir, the race of warrior gods.  Odin, currently the God of war, sits
in his hall, Valaskjalf, ruling all beneath him.  

There is only one known way into Asgard, over the Rainbow Bridge, but 
the path is somewhat of a mystery.  I do however know of an old and
powerful mage who at one time knew a way to that bridge.  Let me see,
Greishnir I do believe was his name.  His workshop is a well hidden place in
the lands of Middle Earth, but its exact location escapes me.  Be cautious
young one, Greishnir is an ornery old mage, should he still be alive.  Once in
Asgard, you will also have to pass Heimdall the protector of the bridge.