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Tsunami History

MUD Name: Tsunami I Time: 1990ish Administration: ?? Other important wizards/players: ?? History: Tsunami I founded. Predates any known

        Player or Wizard currently involved in 
        the project.

Time: Early 1991 History: Extensive Rewrite of Mudlib Administration: Atusko, Strahan, Mirabolus Other important wizards/players: ?? Important Cheeses: The Original Monster Guild Details: A complex skills system was implemented.

        Much of the early world written by Atsuko; 
        skill handler written primarily by Mirabolus. 
        spring 1991. Original monster guild (of 
        which no code remains, though some names and 
        concepts do) written by Basher.

MUD Name: Tsunami II Time: Spring/Summer, 1991 History: Due to a dissagreement among the wizards

        on the MUD, Tsunami at it's original site 
        was shut down, to re-open somewhat later as 
        Valkyrie Prime, while tsunami reappeared as 
        Tsunami II

Administration: Tsunami II: Strahan, Atsuko

                Valkyrie Prime: Mirabolus, Basher

Other Important Wizards: Whiplash, Dainia, Krago,

                Keela, Tandem, Blackhawke 

Feared Players: Valkyrie Prime- Moonglum, Darmo

               Tsunami II- Beelzebub, Skyblade, 
                Paldin, Blackthorn, Darkhosis 

Other People: Demian, Deth (Now Sauron), Aristotle,

             Zenith, Corpse, Muffin, Rogath Samuel, 

Important Cheeses: Valkyre Prime: Anarchists's guild

                  (in which you could PK people while 
                  dead) 'do blast' -- allowed casting 
                  as fast as you could type the 
                  machinegun (repeats 1 command 
                  10 times) -- see 'do blast' 
                  Tsunami II: Reset scrolls (force a 
                  room to reset), The White and Black 
                  lords (see reset scrolls), 'do blast' 
                  -- see above, sword of demons, gate 
                  to filenames (gate into a wiztoy, 

Time: December, 1991 Details: Disagreement between Strahan and Mirabolus

        wound up with Strahan setting up some hacking 
        programs and taking over VP; complaints to 
        the university wound up with all muds being 
        banned (there were 3 or 4 at the site).

MUD Name: Tsunami III Time: Early 1992 History: Opened at a site where remote access was not


Administration: Aristotle, Armitage, Redsteel, Tarel Other Important Wizards: Wolfpack, Dealer, Marriard,

                        Ivory, Magius, Grimsteel

Feared Players: Rogue, Wynter, Kano, Grendel, Lucifer Other People: Furgh, Mordred Important Cheeses: Power of spells increased as the

                  modifier decreased below the spell 
                  cost. wimpydir set to cast a spell, 
                  such as heal -15

Details: Introduction of Monk Class, and the Mainland.

        Wars reimplemented through a daemon that could 
        be voted upon every 4 hours instead of once a 
        week as on Tsunami II, Level determined by total 
        experience not total stats, Lockers added 

Time: August 1992 History: IP routing program installed on machine outside

        of firewall results in sudden influx new players.

Administration: Same as before plus Deth Other Important Wizards: Darkangel, Homey, Wildcat,


Feared Players: Demian, Einstein, Ramirez, Boltthrower,


Other People: Skye, Snotvark, Miyu, Strider, Tajen,

             Conan (YALP!!)

Important Cheeses: Combat boots/Blast gloves=unlimited

                  skills anyone? Homey's Area (Free 
                  stealth boots jambiya like item 
                  etc...) debit card bug would add your 
                  bank balance to you if the transaction 
                  fails, Troll Regenerate combined with 
                  quickheal made it nearly impossible to 
                  die, Manacles (carry players around).

Details: Monster class added, Bards coded but never

        implemented except as a test character. Feint and 
        Forge finally distinguish Warriors from all other 
        classes. Strike added after 40 minute fight between 
        two high level monks unable to damage eachother due 
        to toughness skill, Players may own their own shops, 
        Arena coded.

Time: October 26, 1992 History: Administration at site learn of IP routing program and

        turn off the MUD the same day.

MUD Name: Tsunami IV Time: December 20, 1992 History: Site donated by Seszesk player on Tsunami III Administration: Wildcat, Dealer, Deth, Seszesk (Later

               Clarion), Kreator, Joram

Other Important Wizards: Wolfpack, Aristotle, Loki, Spec,

                        Deathknight, Acrist

Feared Players: Corwyn, Hiek, Kumite, Songko, Blood,

               Cystic, Nocturnus, Bungle, Einstein, 
               Anhur, Stalker

Other Notable People: Brandon, Papasmurf, Dulcinea, Opel,

                     Slapstick, Miraj and his 9 other 19th level 
                     chars, Charon, Hero, Daghdha

Important Cheeses: Monks receiving full AC armour in wars,

                  Delayed Backstab, Cystic's Client, Adventurers, 
                  Poison Skill (Only skill to this day to go against 
                  a stat and not against another skill), Unlimited 
                  bonus to spell modifiers and instant spells 
                  (Who hits cast blast +MAX first wins), give 
                  dice to player/player can't leave the room

Details: Bards added, Weapon types introduced, Dealer expands

        his area making it just obscenely large, Shout Censor 
        added, Casting time to spells added, limit to modifier 
        in spells (see above), Adventurers introduced as an Early 
        system of what to do once you hit level 19.

MUD Name: Tsunami V Time: July 1993 History: Tsunami mudlib growing bloated and stagnant, drive to

        rewrite it in Native Mode under MudOS driver

Administration: Wildcat, Dealer, Deathknight, Wolfpack, Clarion Other Important Wizards: Vaugner, Avatar, Zane, Kirsand, Glade,

                        Tajen, Cowl

Feared Players: Never opened for playing Other People: Never opened to the public Important Cheeses: None. Details: Home of the one new skill system every 3 days. Began

        as a stock TMI mudlib, but quickly took on a Tsunami 
        shape. Domains were introduced primarlly as wizards 
        who knew eachother would work together on a set of areas. 
        Mudlib was never finished or playtested, many of it's ideas 
        eventually wound up in Tsunami

Time: Novemember 17, 1993 History: Pressures on Seszesk from higher ups causes Tsunami IV to

        be shutdown. Tsunami V which is run from same site continues 
        for 2 months until it too is shutdown.

MUD Name: Tsunami Time: July 14, 1994 History: Wildcat now the proud owner of an Internet Serivce Provider Administration: Wildcat, Dealer, Sauron, Cowl, Aristotle Other Important Wizards: Moonscatter, Mota, Snotvark, Corwyn, Crusher,

                        Blood, Ryverwynd, Charon

Feared Players: Droppa, Oomph, Zerstoren, Evoker, Box, Darkforce,

               Pelostar, Fuzzie, Cesilion, Styx, Sorrow

Other Notable People: Badkarma, Ashen, Jerrico, Dreg, Coroner (3 three templars),

                     Rainmist, Karak, Ravnos, Elderon, Fuzzie, Cookie,

Important Cheeses: Initial Templars and Necromancers, Beer hat, Regen ring,

                  Tarel's Wand missile ring, Ninjas with full caltrop 
                  immunity, Ninjas with escape, Inifinte use Shurikens, 
                  Anti-Player Gun, Cursed Equipment

Details: Subclasses introduced, Hero levels (mortal levels past 19)

        introduced, Full weaponskills introduced, guild race 
        introduced, Shout censor rewritten for context senstive shouts, 
        Barbarians Introduced, Player titles introduced, Player owned 
        shops rewritten.

Time: July 14, 1995 History: Tsunami celebrates it's first full year at a single site. Important Cheeses: Aeromancers levitating players out of the arena to

                  win, tricking people into saying Hastur three times, 
                  damage taken and damage done during wars to gauge 
                  when to jump someone

Details: Total subclasses now over 40, entire core mudlib has been

        rewritten since the closing of Tsunami IV, project underway 
        to recode original areas, hero levels removed, Hastur the 
        unmentionable is added to the game, (Don't say his name three 
        times less...)

Time: January, 1996 Details: Tsunami goes online with Intermud 3 and Socket support, most

        major daemons are rewritten to support one of the two.  New 
        class added: Undead with several monster species moving to it, 
        and addition of new subclasses for itTime: January, 1996

Details: Tsunami goes online with Intermud 3 and Socket support, most

        major daemons are rewritten to support one of the two.  New 
        class added: Undead with several monster species moving to it, 
        and addition of new subclasses for it.

Time: Feb 1996-2001

  Administration: Wildcat, Fingolfin, Aristotle, Cowl, Sauron.
  Other important wizards: Gotenks, Pinkdaisy, Brand, Yoshi, Charon,
  Major Players: Evoker, Mimic, Baroo, Gwynhefar, Largo, Amorlace,
                 Xbering, Gatecrash, Zartan, Xenon, Georgios,
                 Caelum, Pelostar, Sader, Kitiara, Neragus, 
                 Shockwave, Dupre, Sidi, Vance, Badangel, 
                 Caracarnn, Bumhug, Nostrodomus, Tomten, Talib,
  Player Teams: Lenchmob, Bloodkin, Bsd, notorius, DOA, USB LuTH,
                The family, the corleones, Cosa Nostra, FB, Team KK, 
                WIU, A&M, FOTEN, KETSUP, SMSU, Brasilian Horde, 
                UW-Madison, ATLANTA

Changes with the subclasses:

  -Vamp2s and vampire families later
  -New Deathknights
  -Ninjas actually becoming ninjas, rather than better backstabbers
  -Barbarian recode
  -Diabolists, first class with the ability to summon mulitple followers
  -Hydromancers becoming water based rather than ice mages
  -Swashbucklers, dual wield
  -Figsubs, customization to a degree that shouldn't be
  -Clerics recoded
  -Samurais given stances based upon elemental attunement
  -Fetches... gone

Changes to areas:

  -Middle Earth, Gotenks completely recoded by aug of '98
  -Blah, Qued recoded in feb of '99
  -Tarel's Area, removed and a shop placed in its location
  -Doom, removed in '98

Misc. changes:

  -Backstab reduced to about 1/3 effeciency
  -Summon Spell/Scrolls, several changes
  -Followers, limiting numbers of and the ability to 'tank'
  -Spell/Skill Modifiers, no longer are the days of +100 blasts
  -Fey Guild, lots of thematic classes that are quite powerful
  -Player Meetings, players gathering to suggest ideas en masse
  -PK system, Countless changes over the last five years
  -Armour and Damage, AC and toughness are more helpful, 2nd attacker bonus no more
  -Skill Level, exping a lowbie is more consistant now, skill maxxes lowered
  -Player Housing, fairly safe rooms that players can purchase with mud money
  -Portable Holes, unusable during combat, cannot carry zombies inside...
  -Healing Helmets, made metal so mages could not use, life bracelets made same year
  -DOQ command, removed due to various abuses

Bugs and/or cheeses:

  -Lahjik's faerie bug, creation of infinite mulitple fully equipped monsters
  -Deathknight Dark bug, increased bonuses in dark, dark spell didn't cap, infinite bonuses
  -Doom Chainsaws, backstabbing for ungodly amounts of damage
  -Shadowdragons, never made it out of playtesting, had a room drain
  -Shadowmancers, short time mage class, lots of instant attacks
  -Enchanters, 20sp to fill an orb
  -Annihilate, added to blasters, instant damage that ignored intimidate
  -Depositing negative cash in a bank to get same amount in hand
  -Locket and spellbook made npcs come back at 0hp
  -Send maxint through western union to get 2000M coins
  -Inn in middle earth healed full hp/sp for 3k instant
  -Kydliss +loads cold resistance potions stacking
  -Kydliss +loads magic potions stacking
  -Infite skills from buggy safe code in houses
  -Zatan's reset room scroll
  -Remorhaz in kyldiss without any resistance
  -Kyldiss mages not casting any spells
  -Zatan's cocodiles not having any attacks due to non standard hunting code
  -Shadeweaver's pit's npcs not having any attacks
  -Being able to gate to ANY room if mage was meditating
  -Cloud dragons being able to do any amount of instant breathes the same hb
  -Buyable regen rings and shield scrolls
  -Summon infinite numbers of lolth spiders into a room and kill them for 1k each
  -Sending 100000000 flower delivery men to someone and sell the corpses to Shadeweaver's corpse shop
  -History erase button in motas area to dest your character to clone cash and items
  -Quit while stalked to dest yourself to clone cash and items
  -Inferno scrolls to pk with non mages

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