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```Originally Posted : Fri Sep 17 02:04:18 2021
Posted by : Burlok
Title : Unicorn Refresh
Greetings, denziens of Tsunami. Unicorn was identified by a number of
players as an old class which needed a refresh. So I have worked to
refresh it. See ‘help unicorn’ and ‘help unicorn features’.

The mantra for the class design was ‘outlast don’t outblast’ and so
while it’s a competent melee combatant it really shines in protracted
battles but cannot withstand repeated huge spikes of damage. This is an
EASY class (in terms of how its presented at char creation) and should be
really good for newer players due to passie healing and reasonable

I’ve tried to design the class with a filler skill (trample) with
proc-abilities-as-advanced-skills and timer-skills that re-fresh based on
certain conditions (see lifebloom spell). The idea is to be rewarding if
you’re willing to press multiple skills but unrewarding for players who
set repeat attacks and heals then wait for mobs to die.

For about 5 weeks several of the unicorn skills overlapped with the old
version and the test-version. I unwound all those last night but if
something seems out of whack (or you find the inevitable typo) let me

Likewise I’ve tried to consolidate some damage calculations due to
having two versions in the same skill. So if something seems out of whack
let me know.