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help > w > rewrite
All areas that you will re-write will be run from your directory.
Make a directory that directly references to the wizards area that
you are doing.  Ex: ~dealer/room/forest would be ~wizard/dealer/
room/forest.  This is so if there is any question about the new
area, it is easy to reference it to the old code.

All of the rooms, items and npc's will be gone through thoroughly
and be brought up to the current QC standards.  Any rooms that
are the old room code must be converted to the newroom code and 
must conform with the QC standards.  At the header of each file,
note the wizard who's area it originally was, your wizards name,
and the date that the file was re-written.  At the footer of each
file, put in query_location() { return "In the realm of <old wizards
name>; } so that when a player "realms" the area, they see who the
original wizard was that wrote it.

Any items that are of a "special" state will be gone over again,
and a decision will be made by Allie or Papasmurf on whether or 
not they will be put back into the game in thier current status.

It is highly encouraged to make all of existing npc's into "smart"
npc's, but keeping the area at the same level as it was before.  
Do not take a low level area, and transform it into a mid or high
level area.  It would be in the best interest of the game if the
transition to the re-written area is as transparent as possible
to the players of the MUD.

If there are any problems with this, please mail me.