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help > monsters > blobs
Name:   Energy Blob
Class:  Monster


Str:    0   (no str)
Dex:   80   (it is energy you control it)
Int:  160   (pretty darn smart)
Con:  160   (takes a lot to hold energy together)


reflect     :  reflect damage back to attacker				
racialmorph :  mimic other life forms 		
powersink   :  use energy to counter spells	
illuminate  :  glows with energy...this is how much light			
possess	    :  take control of a form...get skills only	
golem	    :  summon a golem to possess
blink	    :  shift energy very quickly	
summon	    :  controll over dimensional space	
curse	    :  weak ability to control the universe		
trueseeing  :  ability to see everything since not physical
paralysis   :  control over nervous system


convert     :  convert hp:sp or sp:hp in 1:1 ratio on command
disguise    :  mimic other forms
empower     :  give energy to other life forms
activate    :  empart energy into armours of other (explode)
toughness   :  bleh
resistance  :  bleh
armour      :  bleh
combat      :  heh pretty much 0
awareness   :  bleh
magic       :  awesome with magic
flash       :  sudden burst of energy


0 carry
very very very low weaponry (they don't use it at all)

	take 1 (hp|sp) damage per round when out of a body
	when in a body the body is destroyed at a rate of 
		curr_hp - curr_hp^(.5) 
	cost of possess changed to level*5
	80% of skill values of host?
No armour allowed
No weapons allowed
Not that they could carry it.

note:  if we added some carry and str to this it could be 
a very neat mage class as well....