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Wu-Jen are the masters of elemental magic.  They are mages incarnate, learned
sages of mystical pursuit, and manipulators of the very forces that bind all
things.  Myriad strange and potent effects are in their arsenal, and one would
be wise to not take an unfamiliar Wu-Jen lightly...


awareness      combat      dagger      magic      resistance     staff


Str     50
Dex     120
Int     140
Con     90


Wu-jen are blessed with variety.  They may learn any of a various and daunting
array of magical effects from any of their known elemental schools of magic,
as well as combination effects which are learned by crossing elements.

Every level a Wu-Jen advances gains him one point to invest in a sphere of
study.  A Wu-jen also gains a bonus point upon reaching hero. So a lvl 19+4
Wu-jen has 19+4+1 = 24 points to spend.  There are five spheres available:
earth, air, fire, water, and spirit.  There are seven degrees of mastery of
each sphere.

Everytime a Wu-jen advances in a sphere he/she has a bigger repertoire of
spells to choose from. The cost of increasing a sphere one rank is the same
as the number you end up with. for example: sphere rank 2 will cost 2 points
and the next (sphere rank 3) will cost 3 points.

A Wu-jen starts out with 3 spells at their disposal. Every five levels they gain
an additional spell of their choice. They can also gain bonus spells based on
their total questpoints.

If a Wu-jen has atleast rank 3 in two spheres they can learn paraspells.
If a Wu-jen has atleast rank 3 in three spheres they can learn metaskills.

A Wu-jen can only learn four metaskills. Choose wisely.

A Wu-jen has three commands at their disposal to manipulate spheres/spells.

wulist            <- will show all available spells to buy
                     Spells you own is showed in BOLD if your terminal

wulist all        <- will show all spells and spheres both available and not
wulist learned    <- will only show spells and spheres already learned
wulist paraspells <- will show all paraspells
wulist metaskills <- will show all metaskills
wulist parameta   <- will show both paraspells and metaskills
wulearn <ability> <- will spend one bonus spell point to buy a spell/skill
wustudy <sphere>  <- will increase a sphere one rank
help wuspells     <- help file for Wu-jen spells and skills

Wu-jen buff spells are placed in two categories. SHIELD spells and PROTECTION
spells. A Wu-jen can only have one of each at any given time.
List of SHIELD spells: Shield, Fireshield, Windshield
List of PROTECTION spells: nimbus, transform, stoneskin, levitation


The following races have Wu-Jen modifications.

Centaur          : Start with 2nd degree Air
Dwarf            : Start with 2nd degree Earth
Minotaur         : Start with 2nd degree Fire
Myconoid         : Start with 2nd degree Earth
Ogre             : Start with 2nd degree Water
Orc              : Start with 2nd degree Spirit
Halfling         : Start with 1st degree Air
Gnome            : Start with 1st degree Earth
Ghant            : Start with 1st degree Fire
Merfolk          : Start with 1st degree Water
Flind            : Start with 1st degree Spirit
Muul             : Start with 1st degree Spirit, Fire and Air
Nekojin          : Start with 1st degree Spirit, Water and Earth
Half-Elf         : +1 bonus spell slots
Human            : +2 bonus spell slots


The following quests have Wu-Jen quest modifications.

The Mystery of Talamport    +1 bonus sphere points
Arta 'Vypers Banishment     +1 bonus sphere points
Mage Tower                  +1 bonus sphere points

In addition to the quests listed above you can also earn additional bonus
spells based on your total quest points.

100 Questpoints             +1 bonus spell
200 Questpoints             +1 bonus spell
400 Questpoints             +1 bonus spell
800 Questpoints             +1 bonus spell
1600 Questpoints            +1 bonus spell
3200 Questpoints            +1 bonus spell
6400 Questpoints            +1 bonus spell
12800 Questpoints           +1 bonus spell


Wu-jen gain a passive carry bonus of +10 per sphere rank above 3 in Earth.
Many spells gain a passive bonus based on number sphere ranks in that tree.