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JUGGERNAUGHT (Fighter subclass)
The Gnomes of Tsunami, tiring of being picked on because of
their slight stature, have unleashed from Mt. Gnowhere their
most fearsome creation, the Juggernaught.

A massive support superstructure is plated with defensive
armor, and a power plant installed to run the massive
earth churning treads.  A complex system of ropes, cables
and pulleys enable the driver to steer the Juggernaught, or
to operate its complex set of extensors, maulers, processing
plant, cargo loaders, etc.

Only gnomes need apply to pilot these new devastating war
machines.  But the Juggernaught is a rather expensive piece
of equipment to maintain.  Additionally, severe damage can
result in the destruction of pieces of the Juggernaught
hardware that must then be repaired.

Details about the various Juggernaught components can
be found under `help juggermods'

On Death and Dying:
When a Juggernaught dies (except wars) the player must return to 
the site of death and "enter juggernaught".
While not in the Juggernaught, the pilot is essentially defenseless.

If you lose track of your juggernaught, you can have an engineer
at the juggernaught workshop 'retrieve' it... for a price.

Juggernaught stats (pilot only):

Strength                        : 140
Dexterity                       : 110
Intelligence                    : 55
Constitution                    : 95