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help > weaponskills
There are a number of weaponskills standard on Tsunami. They are:

axe         : axes
bow         : bows and crossbows
dagger      : daggers, knives, and other small stabbing blades
flail       : flails, nunchaku, and whips
mace        : maces and clubs
polearm     : spears, halberds, scythes, and other pole-mounted weapons
staff       : staves and quarterstaves
sword       : broadswords, katanas, and other one-handed swords
2-hsword    : two-handed swords

There are also a few skills that act like the weaponskills above in most
situations. They are:

unarmed     : used when fighting bare-handed
brawling    : same as unarmed
weaponry    : (un)natural weaponry for a class, such as teeth and claws
deathblade  : the weapon of a deathknight
holy-sword  : the weapon of an angel

The higher your weaponskill, the better able you are to use your weapon
effectively, dealing more damage when you attack.