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help > spells > polymorph
Spell        :   Polymorph
Class        :   Wu-Jen, Chaosmage, Demon
Sphere       :   Spirit
Level        :   2
Cost         :   10
Casting Time :   1 round
Syntax       :   cast polymorph <name> (to turn on)
                 cast polymorph (to turn off)
Examples     :   cast polymorph bush
                 cast polymorph An ugly monster

Polymorph gives you the ability to shapechange into anything you
wish.  The spell lasts up to 3 minutes, based on your skill level in
polymorph.  If someone has a high enough awareness, though, they will
be able to notice your true identity.  They can discover your
identity either by checking the who list (if you are who on) or by
noticing you in a room.  In either case, you will be given a message
letting you know who just "discovered" your identity.
Casting the spell without arguments returns you to your old self.

You cannot polymorph into existing players and the same rules apply
regarding impersonating wizards when using polymorph.  Use common

See also: who