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help > spells > phantasm
Spell        :   Phantasm
Class        :   Illusionist
Cost         :   20 (adjusted by sp modifier and level)
Casting time :   1 round
Spell type   :   Illusion
Difficulty   :   Level 1
Syntax       :   cast phantasm <modifier> <target>
Examples     :   cast phantasm harry
                 cast phantasm +35 deputy
                 cast phantasm -10 einstein
The phantasm spell will, in the mind of the recipient, summon up 
a violent monster that relentlessly attacks that person, until he 
or the monster are dead.  But, the monster is only an illusion, 
and only the victim will be able to see it, or its combat 
messages.  Everyone else in the room will just see the victim 
fighting 'something'.  

Using extra spell points to cast the spell can greatly increase 
the damage caused by each of the illusion's attacks, however 
'the candle which burns twice as bright burns half as long'...
The duration of the phantasm will also be decreased.

See also: help modifiers, help spells