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help > skills > secrete
Skill        :   Secrete
Class        :   Chian-Lung
Cost         :   20 (10 for acidpool)
Casting Time :   Instant
Stat Base    :   Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence, Constitution
Syntax       :   do secrete
                 do secrete stop
                 do secrete acidpool

A Chian-Lung can activate the glands under her scales and force
them to secrete a viscous slime. This slime is highly acidic and
creates additional defense from enemy attacks.

This slime will drip and pool on the ground under the dragon,
creating the kind of caustic environment that Chian-Lungs love.
Only when surrounded by an acid pool can a Chian-Lung regenerate,
and in her pool, a Chian-Lung is a much better combatant.

The Chian-Lung has several highly-specialized organs in the pads
of its feet. These organs will absorb the dissolved metals and
other materials that the acid pool melts, and congeal them into
small valuable lumps, effectively giving the dragon extra money.

'do secrete stop' will cancel a currently active secretion.

'do secrete acidpool' will force an acidpool to be formed