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help > skills > pounce
Skill        :   Pounce
Class        :   Aurumvorax       
Cost         :   20 (non-adjustable)
Skill Type   :   Active
Casting time :   0 rounds
Stats Base   :   Strength and Dexterity
Difficulty   :   Level 0
Syntax       :   do pounce [direction] at <target>        
Examples     :   do pounce east at zap
                 do pounce at zap

The Aurumvorax's massive, dense gold body grants it a weight
uncommon to creatures of its size.  Using this weight and its
expertise at hunting, the beast may pounce on a target and pin it
to the ground.  Pouncing from a room away will result in an overall
greater rate of success.  Pounced opponents find it slightly harder
to do combat damage.  To hold the victim in place, the beast locks
its jaws onto its target, causing gnarling damage each round
he or she is pinned thereafter.  A pinned target may not obviously
leave without a struggle.  The Aurumvorax receives no normal combat
hits while pinning a target, but may grate that vulnerable target.
Moving or changing position to upright will free a pinned target.
Pouncing from the prowling position has a greater rate of
success, as does pouncing into a room the beast controls (via
instinct).  The beast's weight is also a factor in the skill's
See also: help skills grate, help skills instinct,
          help skills position