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help > skills > leap
Skill           :   Leap
Class           :   Manticore, Changeling (tiger form)
Cost            :   20 spell points
Usage time      :   Instant
Stats           :   Dexterity, some Strength, some Constitution
Syntax          :   do leap [ [direction] | [at 'target'] ]
Examples        :   do leap at markela
                    do leap east
                    do leap north at astor

Manticores can leap on their targets from up to a room away, pinning
them to the ground for a short while. However, the landing also
prevents the manticore's movement for a short while. The force of
the impact lowers the targets ability to fight for a while. Once
airborne to leap there is no stopping the manticore, no matter how
nasty you look. Leaping from a room away allows you to build up
greater momentum which makes the skill somewhat more efficient.
You cannot leap in cramped quarters.