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help > skills > instinct
Skill        :   Instinct
Class        :   Aurumvorax
Cost         :   20 / 10 / 0 (non-adjustable)       
Skill Type   :   Active
Casting time :   1 round / 0 rounds
Stats Base   :   Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence, Constitution
Difficulty   :   Level 1 / Level 0
Syntax       :   do instinct    
Examples     :   do instinct
             :   do instinct mark
             :   do instinct sense
             :   do instinct abandon

Aurumvorae, through their animalistic nature, are known
for their cunning primal instinct.  This shrewdness seems more
like luck to the civilized world, as the Aurumvorae sometimes
"accidentally" escape great misfortune through seemingly random 
actions and maneuvers.  These actions could be as small as the 
beast moving a few inches to the left of a certain location.
The instinct skill functions in the following ways...

"do instinct"
The beast calls forth its instinct to guide its decisions.
It costs 20 spell points to perform this function.  It grants 
the Aurumvorax the following:
- Increased general armor class
- A small chance to randomly avoid or reduce incoming dangers

"do instinct mark"
The beast urinates all over the current room it occupies
to claim it as its territory.  It costs 10 spell points
to perform this function.  Certain terrain types are
not claimable by the Aurumvorax.  It results in:
- Increased effectiveness of the beast's summoned instinct
  (the type mentioned above) while in that room
- A chance to 'feel' intruders trespassing on the beast's
- If another Aurumvorax already marked the room, there is
  a chance the new marking will usurp the old
- When pouncing into that room, the pounce will in general
  be more effective

"do instinct sense"
This may only be used in a room that the beast has marked.
This function costs nothing and occurs instantaneously.
It does the following:
- Has a chance to alert the beast of hidden beings within
  the room
- Gives the beast an idea for what beings have passed through
  and how long ago they did so

"do instinct abandon"
This may only be used in a room that the beast has marked.
It does one thing, and that is to release the room from the
beast's control.  This is necessary as an Aurumvorax may only
control a certain amount of territory based on its level.
See also: help skills pounce