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help > skills > gaze
Skill        :   Gaze
Class        :   Medusa
Cost         :   20 sp for stoning, 10 sp to activate, 2 / round upkeep
Skill Type   :   Active/Passive
Casting Time :   1 Rounds
Difficulty   :   Level 1
Stats Base   :   Dexterity and Intelligence
Syntax       :   do gaze [ target | toggle ]
Examples     :   do gaze  
             :   do gaze kindar
             :   do gaze toggle
     The deadly gaze of the Medusa is one of the most powerful
weapons at their disposal.  With one glance, a Medusa can freeze
an enemy in their tracks, or turn parts of them to stone.
     Gaze has two modes, active and passive.  In active mode,
gazing at a target can turn the target into a statue, this does
not injure the opponent, but will freeze them in place for a short
period of time.  In passive mode, while fighting an opponent there
is a chance that they will meet your deadly gaze, bits of them
turning to stone.  However, maintaining the powerful gaze in this
passive mode is somewhat draining on the magical reserves of the
Medusa.  Typing 'do gaze toggle' will turn gaze off if currently on,
and on if currently off.
     One may also suppress the message displayed when this skill
activates by setting the environment "medusa_gaze" to any value.
See also: help setenv