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help > skills > dig
Skill        :     Dig
Class        :     Aurumvorax
Cost         :     5
Skill Type   :     Active
Casting time :     1
Syntax       :     do dig
Examples     :     do dig

A keen "hunter" of gold, the Aurumvorax is able to sniff
out and dig up any gold vein present in a natural environment.  
This obviously excludes when inside buildings, on a ship, in the
air, etc.  A higher "senses" attribute will grant a greater
chance of a successful dig (see "help aurumgrowth").
If the dig is successful, the beast may then proceed to consume
the gold vein, drawing some health and a special bonus through
its digestion.  The type of climate determines which bonus is
given through consuming the vein.  Varying climates WILL cancel 
each other out, so it is perhaps wise to consume one type of
vein and continue to strengthen its given bonus.  Only one
vein will ever be found per room.

Arctic / Subarctic - Hide resilience (improved AC)
              Arid - Scavenger's instinct (improved corpseheal)
         Temperate - Multi-seasonal hardiness (improved resistance)
          Tropical - King of the jungle (improved intimidate)
      Subterranean - Nightsight (improved minimum vision)
                     Alertness (improved awareness)