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help > skills > destruct
Skill        :   Destruct 
Class        :   Natives
Cost         :   15 sp / 0 sp
Skill Type   :   Active
Casting Time :   Instant  
Difficulty   :   Level 0
Stats Base   :   Mostly Constitution
Syntax       :   do destruct <type> <item>
Examples     :   do destruct sword
                 do destruct offer sword
A native is able to destruct most any item.  But, destruct is
often most rewarding if the native destroys something of magic,
and even more so if he previously detected that item as magical.
This ability aids natives even further in their quest for total
obliteration of anything magical.

When this ability is used by a Shaman on a magical item, he will
attempt to extract prima materia from the released energy.

The "offer" argument allows a native to offer a given item to
further the cause of his or her holy faction. The offer option
has no associated usage cost.