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help > skills > construct
Skill        :   Construct
Class        :   Trickster
Cost         :   5 sp/bug (not adjustable)
                 5 sp/wasp
                 10 sp/eagle
                 10 sp/puppet
                 10 sp/spider
Casting time :   1 rounds
Difficulty   :   Level 1
Stats Base   :   Mostly Dexterity and some Intelligence
Syntax       :   do construct <num> <item>
Examples     :   do construct 5 bug
                 do construct 20 wasp

Construct is a skill that originates from gnomish workers,
Tricksters long ago saw the use of these toys and have
since then adopted this knowledge to great use.

Unfortunately, this knowledge is not great enough to actually
have a practical use, none of these objects have the power nor
mechanical force to move or act, however the Trickster has 
learned other ways benefit and excel at this craft, see help 
spells imbue.

Construct list: bug, wasp, eagle, puppet, spider

Bug       :  This is a beacon, a homing device that can be attached
             to a target.  Many of their other constructs require
             this beacon or they won't work. The target can attempt 
             to 'remove bug' and check against awareness to see if 
             that is successful.
             Syntax: <plant|attach> bug on <target>
Wasp      :  A small wasp-like machine.
Eagle     :  A large bird.  When imbued it can act as either a spy
             or a flying bomb.
Puppet    :  A copy of the builder, looks very real.
Spider    :  A crude representative of an apple sized spider made 
             out of light-weight metal and small wires. When
             imbued it is either very aggressive or explodes
             almost immediately.
See also: help spell imbue