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help > skills > bouyancy
Skill        :   Buoyancy
Class        :   Sylph
Cost         :   10
Stats Base   :   Mostly Intelligence, Some Strength
Casting time :   1
Difficulty   :   Level 1
Syntax       :   do buoyancy
Examples     :   do buoyancy end

The Sylph can command updrafts and thermal convection currents to 
bouy along certain solid items.  She can end this at will, or wait 
until the currents fade, at which point the solids will plummet to 
the earth. Buoyancy allows her to carry items, but only in her 
quasi-solid form can the Sylph actively pick them up.

NOTE: This skill does NOT stack in terms of its effectiveness.
Typing "do buoyancy" while you are currently bouyant will
increase the duration of the buoyancy, however.