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help > skills > band
Skill        :   Band
Class        :   Amazon, Barbarian, Hunter, Native
Cost         :   Passive
Skill Type   :   Passive
Casting Time :   Passive
Difficulty   :   Level 0
Stats Base   :   All
Syntax       :   Passive
Examples     :   Passive
Natives, generally being nomads, gather in bands when
hunting for food, battling a threat, or for a month of
pillaging and other such games.  The ability to band with
other natives give them an advantage when in combat.
The wiser one is at banding, the better he is at knowing
what his party member will do.  This can lead to an
overwhelming assault and total annihilation of unsuspecting
victims.  A natives favorite way to kill foul magic users
is to band with other brothers and waylay the offending soul.
To band, a party needs to start with at least two natives.
Barbarians whirlwind on their opponents whenever three
party members are present.  Each other native subclass'
bonus when banded is dependent on that subclass.  One thing
true through all subclasses when banded is that the person
that is more healthy will throw himself into the battle such
that he takes more damage than the other band members.