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help > skills > assume
Skill        :   Assume
Class        :   Sylph
Cost         :   5
Stats Base   :   Quintessence and constitution
Casting time :   1
Difficulty   :   Level 1
Syntax       :   do assume
Examples     :   do assume

The Sylph can at times of need, assume a quasi-
normal form of gathered dust and leaves.  In her
more solid form, the Sylph can actively pick up
the hated Solid things.  In her solid form, the
Sylph takes direct damage to her corporeal self, 
whereas in her natural state, the Sylph takes damage
first to her spiritual self.
While in Solid form, she does gain increased
defenses if she remains in her own zone of
controlled weather. 
While in her natural state, she may continue to 
carry about solids already buoyed by her Solid