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SHIKAKU (thief subclass)
Often called silent death, the shikaku are mysterious rogue-like
warriors that take time to study and learn their foes to strike
them with deadly accuracy, speed and skill. It is said that these
people manipulate the energy dissipated in combat and use it in
many different ways. Every strike they lance at their foes is
an attempt to spot their weaknesses and use them to their

Patience is the key to the shikaku as most of their skills require
charges to be used. They are often mistaken as weak warriors, but
when properly channeled, they can unleash powerful attacks on their foes
or increase their own combat skills.

The shikaku draws her powers from combat, therefore the moment she begins
to fight she begins to alter her state of combat awareness, or "infusion",
that can go from a calm, normal state of combat up to achieving immortal
levels of skill. The longer she remains in combat the more deadly she becomes. 
Infusion is reflected in the shikaku's score, prompt and title. The extent
to which she may be infused is a product of her experience and her proficiency
in the shinaji-ken skill.

The shikaku must learn the best situation to use their valuable
skills. They have two categories of skills, one called 'charge skills'
and the other called 'empowered skills' that are dependant on each other.
This means that to deliver some powerful strikes they must first channel
some energy. For each use of a 'charge skill' the shikaku makes, 
they receive a 'charge level'. Different 'empowered skills' require different
levels of 'charge'.

Shikaku's cannot wear any kind of metal armour due to the fact that the
weight of these armours hamper their combat.

True power lies in learning how to combine your charge and empowered
skills to maximum potential.


These skills are used to charge up energy for the shikaku to use her
empowered skills.
When the energy bar is charged with at least one charge, the shikaku
can start to use her empowered skills or she can opt to channel some
more energy and unleash a powerful combo of empowered skills.
You can only use charge skills if you are either in combat or
starting one.

It is important to note that if you do not remain in combat the energy
accumulated on your energy bar will slowly dissipate and you can go  
from a full to an empty energy bar in a matter of minutes.

Charge skills do not have a high damage output as the empowered skills do.
They are used, and needed, to charge up your energy bar.
The only other way to charge up your energy bar is using a self-crafted
blade and being in tune with them during combat, however the chances are
slim and a smart shikaku will not rely on this to fill up her energy bar.


Empowered skills are only usable once the shikaku has channeled enough
energy in combat to use them. The energy level required to use them varies
according to each skill and once activated, they will use the number of
charges selected from your energy bar.

Some skills also have levels of empowerment, meaning that they will do more
damage or have a higher chance to land depending on the number of charges
the shikaku chooses to use. Some skills allow her to use the <available>
level, meaning that when activating an empowered skill she will use all
the charges she channeled to her energy bar (provided that she has
accumulated at least the minimum charges required for the selected  
empowered skill).

The energy bar has 5 levels of power.


Shikakus have the following skills:

awareness               combat          dagger                  kurafuto
offhand	                resistance      shinaji-ken             silentwalk           
sword                   toughness       unarmed                 wa-handou          
weapon block

Charge skills:

Empowered skills:
arterial strike         called shot     chiankyo
hypnotic lure           kaihi           hoden


Shikaku stats:

Strength                       : 90
Dexterity                      : 140
Intelligence                   : 100
Constitution                   : 70

Terrain modifiers:

Building         +5
Forest          +10
Cemetery         -5
Desert           -5
Water            -5

Created -May 04- Salizarr