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help > prayers > weather control
Prayer: weather control
Class: Sylph
Cost: 20
Casting time: 3
Difficulty: Level 1
Syntax: pray weather control <mod> <type>
Examples: pray weather control clear
pray weather control dispel

The quintessential nature of the Sylph is as a being of the winds and weather, and as such she can wrest the natural cycle of wind and rain to her benefit.

The Sylph controls 4 basic types of weather:

Blizzard: Summons a chilling area of stinging snow, reducing the combat speed of opponents.
Storm: Summons a fierce thunderstorm, making combat difficult.
Fog: Summons a dense and blanketing bank of fog that obscures everything.
Clear: Summons the crystal clarity of the World when it was first made, strengthening all the Mother's Children.

The Sylph gains increased protection in her quasi-solid state while within summoned weather, and many of her skills are augmented by the presence of her control.

When the sylph summons weather, depending on her power, a wide ranging area may be affected, this can reach up to several "rooms" in all directions directly linked by physical exits. When the sylph controls an area, she gains the preternatural sense of the winds, and can *<sense>* all living beings moving about within her realm of control, and some of her skills can work against Defilers at the farthest reaches of her control.