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help > prayers > sandshield
Prayer       :   Sandshield
Class        :   Manticore
Requirement  :   800 quest points
Level        :   1
Cost         :   20
Casting Time :   1 round
Syntax       :   pray sandshield
Examples     :   pray sandshield
                 pray sandshield end

Manticores that have attained a great level of knowledge can call to
their desert home for sands to surround them, providing some 
protection from physical harm.  

In addition to the general protection that the sands provide, the
manticore gains increased defensive capabilities against basic
physical attacks (unarmed and brawling) and cold.  However, sound
attacks are deleterious to the sands and will actually damage the
manticore more.

Praying sandshield while protected, either without syntax or using
'pray sandshield end', will dispel the shield.

See also: help manticore