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WARRIOR (fighter subclass)
Warriors are all out fighting machines.  They excel in the arts of close
combat and are proficient with nearly every weapon.  As many warriors
have trained over the years, different skills have been developed to
be tailored after the natural abilities of different fighters.
Whether the choice is fighting with raw power, many nimble strikes, or
a single well placed blow to a weak spot, Warriors have skills tailored
to each.  In addition, to their offensive capabilities, no Warrior
would be worth his weight in ale without battle hardened defense.  To
help this need, Warriors are more skilled in using a shield than an
average fighter.  While adding to his defensive abilities, Warriors have
also learned to use their shield as an offensive weapon, when the
opportunity presents itself.

Besides their prowess in the combat arts, Warriors have long trained to
prepare themselves before battle.  They are able to forge a variety of
weapon and armor types to help them wage war, as well as the ability to
rework and refine them to ensure they are in the best possible condition.

As they are masters of all weapons, warriors who have met accumulated
1000 Quest Points will be able to wear / wield items even beyond what 
their normal level would permit.  If they have accumulated 2000, then
they can wield even the most powerful weapons without penalty.
Warriors have the following skills:

assess              attacking           awareness             axe
bow                 combat              compare               dagger
defend              feint               flail                 forge               
guts                2-hsword            mace                  offhand
polearm             resistance          rework                shield bash         
shield plant        smite               spear                 staff                 
sword               toughness           whirlwind           
Warrior stats:

Strength                       : 125
Dexterity                      : 115
Intelligence                   : 60
Constitution                   : 100