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Trickster (thief subclass)

Trickster, also known as Arcane Tricksters combine their arcane 
knowledge of illusions with a taste of intrigue, larceny, and just 
plain mischief.

They are the most cunning among their rogue brothers and sisters
but lack many of their more physical skills. However, these
Tricksters are not to taken lightly.  Years of training gnomish
technology and basic knowledge in the arcane art deep inside the
thief guild halls has made them very versatile and only the ninja
can rival them in the art of assassination, sabotage, espionage
and deception.

Arcane Tricksters can wield several weapons but lack sufficient
skill to actually use them very well.  Instead they fight with
small mechanical bombs disguised as normal animals and spells
designed to complement their abilities.

Their fighting tactic are, what many fighters would say, without
honor, it is nevertheless a very elaborate way of fighting.  They
learn the weaknesses of their opponents through various ways and
use that weakness to their advantage, often using explosive
devices to do the dirty work.


Tricksters have the following skills:

awareness          bow              combat            construct
dagger             toughness        magic             resistance
salvage            spear            staff             sword             


Tricksters have the following spells:

cantrip            bobble           displacement      fata morgana
imbue              obfuscate


Trickster stats:

Strength                        : 75
Dexterity                       : 125
Intelligence                    : 125
Constitution                    : 75