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MONK (cleric subclass)
Monks are followers of the mysterious Eastern Gods, who are said to
be ten thousand in number. These holy men have made their way from
the lands beyond fair Edo to our shores, and they bring their esoteric
beliefs with them.

The training these ascetics receive includes intense physical
conditioning as well as mental exercises and meditation. This makes
the monk a master in unarmed combat. As the monk advances in ability,
he is able to heal himself, kill with a touch, or call upon his
inner strength with a loud 'kiai'.

Monks are granted a walking stick upon joining the guild. The monk's
walking stick can become a powerful weapon but it requires considerable
exploration to learn the proper use of the weapon. As the monk becomes
more worldly the power of the stick will grow. See <help monk stick>.

Upon reaching hero status, a monk may join the order of the Shaolin.
Although a Shaolin Master possess great power, obtainment of mastery
takes years of training. The monk is required to strip everything
they know of the world when joining the order. Thus all abilities,
stats, levels, and experience are lost when joining the order. The
monk will gain additional bonuses in the order based on their player
level and exploration with their stick. See <help shaolin> for
more information.

Monks have the following skills:

armour               unarmed           toughness              spear
attacking            religion          staff                  awareness
resistance           combat            
Monks gain the following skills at the indicated level:

3: stance            6: meditation        9: palm              10: kiai
12: strike          12: lightning strike
Monks gain the following prayers at the indicated level:

1: focus            18: martyr
Monk stats:

Strength                        : 100
Dexterity                       : 140
Intelligence                    : 80
Constitution                    : 80