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BARD (thief subclass)
Bards are an interesting group. They are, essentially, a melding of
fighters, thieves, and song masters.  While adept at the skills of
both combat and larceny, a bard's primary power is derived from
offensive and defensive "songs."  The bard undergoes rigorous training
to learn how to use words, melody and counterpoint to effect changes
in their environment.  Bards can use their songs to hurt, to charm, and
to inspire as well as to understand the nature of objects around them.

As a hybrid of classes, a bard has the gift of both fighter and thief
abilities, but does not possess the full range, nor the full strength
of the abilities of a true member of either class.

Bards are charismatic and joyous adventurers.  They are known
throughout the lands for regaling the folk with tales of their
journeys.  As such, many shopkeepers reward bards by paying a higher
than usual price for a bard's goods.  Shopkeepers may do this to
assist the bard in further adventuring and in hopes of the bard
returning with more glorious tales.

A bard only performs one song at a time, but is capable of improvising
with refrains that adjust the mood and keep the audience on their

Bards can not wear gloves, shield or plate helmet.

Bards have the following skills:

sleight              staff                toughness             awareness
resistance           disarm               bow                   dagger
sword                axe                  singing               combat
spear                mace                 flail                 
Bards have the following songs; the (*) indicates a refrain:

charm                fear                 vengeance             rejuvenation
lore *               dirge *              quell *               inspire
Bard stats:

Strength                        : 75
Dexterity                       : 125
Intelligence                    : 125
Constitution                    : 75