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Level Range: 9-15

  Island: dragmyr  

Bard Lore:

Oh do I have a grim tale about that.  A small village near the 
outskirts of Dragonmyrth was in great danger last I heard.  The town was 
called Valasar if my memory serves me.  I heard a terrible atrocity was
committed just north of the city.  I traveled there and discovered the
village in a state of panic.  The villagers had cut down an entire section
of forest and used the lumber to erect a gigantic wall around the village.
When I asked what was wrong they told me that an evil magician in
league with a demon was raising an army of undead.  I didn't believe it
until I laid my own eyes on the masses of monsters that were assembling
near the northern horizon.  The villagers said they sent word to the
city of Dragonmyrth.  Only a few remained when the army marched
its ranks right up to the village walls and began its siege upon the small 
town.  I escaped with the majority of the villagers just before the main 
assault from the army.  The situation seemed hopeless as I think back to 
that poor village.  I truly hope Dragonmyrth sent help.




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Coded by Obiwon