Tsunami Island

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Level Range: 1-hero

  Island: Tsunami Island  

Bard Lore:

The Bard smiles and says:

Tsunami Island lies far to the south of the Mainland, and is a
most interesting place, well known as an area for service-based
businesses.  One can enjoy many exotic restraunts in the area, on
their way to far away places.  One thing many people like in particular
about Tsunami Island is it's peacefulness.  It's a relatively lesser
travelled area, compared to the Mainland town, and yet it offers just
as much or more in the way of accomadations.  Many couples decide to
get married on this peaceful Island, as there is a quaint marriage
chapel to the western side of the island.  Some like to take safari
in the jungles to the west of the chapel when they are married there,
though i would caution against it for the lesser experiened. There
are some nasty wild beasts in that area.  A settlement of Gnutts lies
to the far west and north of Tsunami Island and I've heard many speak
highly of their skills with growing delicious vegetables, most notably
their carrots.  to the east of the small sign of Tsunami Island, which many
people use as a landmark, lies a pulsing vortex which possesses a strange
magical power,
though you would have to pay even to lay eyes on the thing. Tsunami Island
is one of my own personal favorite areasin all of Tsunami, and truly merits




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