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Welcome to Tsunami. This mud, like most others has a set of rules that it asks it's players to follow. These rules can not cover ALL of the guidelines, so use your common sense. If you see that something is not in the rules, but you think it is something that should be, DON'T LOOK AT IT AS A LOOPHOLE! Look at it as an additional guideline. The admins here ( level 1000 and up ) do not have the time to write a complete rules file that covers every little rule that will ever exist. If we did, you would probably not read it anyway... So, in closing, please use your common sense.. I don't want to hear anyone say, "It wasn't in the rules, so I figured I could do that." If it seems illegal to you, then it is.

If you can not follow these rules, then please mail an admin, and have your character removed from the game.


Cheating is a very serious offence. It will not be tolerated. This is a list of things that would be considered cheating. Just because something is not listed here, does not mean it is legal.

Reporting bugs

If you find a bug in the game, do not abuse it. Inform an admin and they will take care of the bug. If you are caught using a bug, to your advantage, or to another players advantage/disadvantage, action will be taken against you.

If you hear of, or see someone cheating, tell us. If you keep it hidden, you are as much at fault as the person who actually did the cheating, and action will be taken accordingly.

Wizard help

If a wizard offers to help you in any way, please report him to me, or another admin. If it was an admin who offered, report it to a god. If you accept the help, then you are as much at fault as the wizard.

Quest info

DO NOT give out any info about the quests. Many of you know the quests, but if someone asks you, don't give out the solutions, or even hints. Hopefully, there will be some new quests coming soon, so everyone will have to start fresh. If any info is given out, both parties will be at fault. If neither you or another player have done a certain quest before, then you are welcome to join together to solve it, as long as neither party has any prior knowledge of the quest. The downfall to this, is only one player will get credit for the quest.

Double logging and character sharing

Only one character allowed on at a time. Being linkdead counts as being on. One, all, or some of your characters can be removed if you are caught with more than one on at the same time. The only exception to this are administrators. An Admin can have his Admin on, and one other character on.

DO NOT play another player's character, or let someone else play yours. Both parties would be dealt with in this case.

If you dealt with a wizard over a problem, and didn't like the response, don't try shopping around to other wizards until you get a better response. If for some reason you need to talk to another wizard about the same problem, be sure to tell the other wizard about your dealings with the first wizard.


You may use a client for highlighting. That's about it. Most clients let you set aliases from within the client itself. This is allowed, but these aliases may not work on triggers (a trigger is an alias that goes off whenever a certain thing happens.. for example, every time you see '* died' it would 'eat corpse' 'get all'. THIS IS NOT ALLOWED). Bots are also illegal.

Macros (anything that lets you send multiple commands at one time) are also illegal for use in wars. Pking, the other player v player interaction, uses the same rule set.Also, no matter what you call it, if something allows you to gain experience while you are not at the terminal, it is illegal.

Player killing

Summoning to aggressive monsters is ILLEGAL. Under no circumstances, can you summon another player to an aggressive monster on the mud. This does not hold true for wars. This does however include summoning to Aggressive zones, where the first room a person moves into they die. This rule is extended to putting aggro NPCs in common areas, like shops. We have aggro NPCs who follow, and from time to time they get out and kill PCs but doing it to grief is not allowed.


There are several means on Tsunami of communicating with other players on the game. These can easily be abused. Some forms of communication that are unacceptable:

  • Excessive use of profanity on public forums channels. This includes shouts and class conversations. Shouting an occasional 'FUCK!" when you die is ok, its when that becomes "You cock-sucking little asshole! I'm gonna come rip your dick off of you you prick!" that it becomes a -TAD- out of line, and will be dealt with by the punishment rules laid out.
  • Impersonating or attempting to impersonate a wizard is confusing to players and is not allowed.
  • Repeat messages for sole use to be annoying, or to distract a player for a short time is forbidden. Anyone caught doing this will be dealt with accordingly by the outlined punishments.
  • Not everyone playing has high-speed connections, so to make the game fun for all, a limit of 4 lines for shouts will be enforced. anthing more will be considered 'spam', and will be dealt with accordingly.
  • Any form of harassment is considered illegal. This includes, but is not limited to repeatedly attempting to communicate with someone who has made it clear that such communications are unwelcome.


Every so often, there is a war on Tsunami. The mud will be shut down, and will re-open with the war loaded. The same rules apply during wars, so don't tell us that you 'thought that was allowed in wars'.


When someone has gotten the required experience and solved the required quests, they may become a wizard. To do so, go to the explorers guild, and type 'advance'. This does not make you a wizard, but it tells us that you have finished all the required things needed to become one, and you would like to be a wizard. You will then be made a wizard, if everything is in check.


If the game crashes, we apologize. We will not reimbursed anyone for lost equipment, or lost money. Just remember, everyone who was on is in the same boat. If we see that the game is about to crash, we will give as much warning to the players as we can.


If someone breaks one of the rules specifically written here, or in one of the other rules files, there will be no warning given.

If someone breaks a rule that is not specifically written here, or in one of the other rules files, but the rule is common sense, and a retarded chimp would know not to do it, then no warning is given.

If a player or wizard does something that is debatable, whether or not it is legal, then the admins will discuss it, and handle it appropiatly.

A general outline of the possible punishments:

  • 1st offense - Experience/Money penalties
  • 2nd offense - Temporary banishment
  • 3rd offense - Not-so-temporary banishment
  • 4th offense - Permanent removal of ALL of your characters

In summary

Like it has been stated, this is not etched in stone. This is only a possible outline of what can happen if you are caught cheating. Each case will be dealt with separately.If everyone abides by these rules, everyone can have a fun time playing, and killing here on Tsunami. Thank you for taking the time to read this.