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Level Range: 10-17,hero

  Island: barovia  

Bard Lore:

While adventuring around Barovia one spring, I came upon the kingdom
of Raederth. This kingdom is made up of a few farmers and
their little village, with the castle nearby giving protection to
all and sundry. The Raederthian Corps makes up the protective force
and 'army' of Raederth, however, they're generally more interested
in running off to fight against one another. While surveying the area
for likely adventures, I came upon a swamp, which was haunted by all
manner of foul creatures. My efforts to venture forth and explore
this swamp more were hampered by formless, faceless monsters which
spat corrosive substances at me and commanded me to run from that place.

On the surface, Raederth seems a tame place, however, it can't be
too tame... For one, the dungeons underneath the castle are reputed
to be full. And while the citizenry are most pleasant, there does
seem to be an underlying whiff of madness to it all.




Coded By:

Originally coded by Hadrian.