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Level Range: 13-hero


Bard Lore:

A smile grows on the ancient bard's face as he recalls his memories of
Lilethspar.  He begins to speak: "Ahhh yes, many good times I have spent 
in the humble elf village of Lilethspar.  The elves there are always 
happy, and you are welcome into their homes.  You must visit the village
leader, and see the village church, for few people and places have 
brought me more happiness.  There is even a bar like the one I am in right
now!  However, the best part of the trip is to visit the local market,
and see all the fine elven wares.  I hope you visit the small village,
and bring back as many memories as I have.  To seek out this village, 
check the northern part of the Red Forest off of Khaz Modan."