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Level Range: 4-8

Continent: Mainland    

Bard Lore:

The bard lets out a sigh:

     The Lemmings are known for their
similiarites to each other. They usually
don't like to think for themselves, but
would rather be told what to do.

     Not far from the Main Road, there is
an area where it would look like a great 
place to take a nap.  Stumbling upon it
one day, I laid down for a while, and when
I awoke, I had been transported to a 
different place! These lemmings were all 
around!  I would have stayed longer, but
I had to perform with group of minstrels
that evening.

The caves are 7w,3n,e,nap, from the COT.




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Coded by Zatan