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Level Range: 3-14

Continent: Mainland    

Bard Lore:

Kyrse is a lovely village, surrounded by the picturesque - and rather 
dangerous - mountains of the northern mainland. Excellent vegetables
from the local farms can be bought at the grocer there for a nominal
cost, and some of the best services and items anywhere in the realms can
be found there. Ah yes! If you go there, you simply -must- visit the local
monastery, north of town (ask me about it). Their vineyards are beyond

The town occasionally has problems with the nastier humanoid races that
inhabit the nearby mountains - goblins and such - but the good folk of
Kyrse are the salt of the earth, and run a beatiful little village.

How do you get there? Oh. Hmm.. Very simple. From the mainland town,
head west out on the main road, go north through the open plains (as
far as you can before you get into the mountains), and west again
along a path through the deep woods. There should be a sign.




Coded By:

All of this was originally coded by Dealer.