Hellgate Castle

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Level Range: 17-hero

Continent: Mainland    

Bard Lore:

A bit east and far north of mainland town lies an old ruin of a
castle.  Once ruled by a good, prosperous king it has now
fallen to evil!  The king...tricked by an evil sorceror who
called up legions of the dead to overrun the castle, destroying
all within.  Those the creatures killed, rose again themselves
to become beasts of the night, hating all life.

Unfortunately for the sorceror, he too was overrun by the creatures..
the magic too powerful for him to control.  The castle is said
to be in the mountains near Skullcap, up a narrow pass.

But be warned....many who go there never return for the castle
is still inhabited by things that detest warm blood and many
will kill you to devour your flesh.




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Coded by Flaggor.