Hatchling Canyon

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Level Range: 3-6

Continent: Mainland    

Bard Lore:

The bard leans back in his chair and runs a hand along one of 
the scars on his left arm.  He looks you over for a second then
clears his throat and begins his story:
You see this scar?  I got this little momento on some travels
when I was younger.  You see I was between the levels of 3 and 6,
so I was pretty reckless.  Well, one day I stumbled upon this 
canyon.  There were all sorts of crazy shrieks and cries coming
from within, so I thought I would investigate.  It turns out that
this canyon is some kind of breeding ground for dragons, so there
are a ton of these little monsters running around killing 
everything in sight.  Well, one of them got me on the arm, so I 
beat a hasty retreat.  This is definately one area you'll want to
be wary of, so just be sure not to go northeast from the northern
end of the great plains, right next to their parents in the Dragon
From the CoT, find the canyons 7w,5n,2w,ne.




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Coded by Aelfin