Gurgu Volcano

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Level Range: 10-11,19-hero

Continent: Mainland    

Bard Lore:


The bard says gravely:  You ask of the Gurgu Volcano eh?
Well, i have made travels toward that place.  It is 
full of fire and flames, and only people who can stand 
immense heat should enter this place.  The mighty Fiend 
of Fire, Kary, controls the volcano.  Some say she is what 
feeds the fire.  
Do you see these marks on my hand?  These 
are no ordinary battle scars.  They are severe burns that 
I recieved from fighting the monsters inside that gigantic
cave of molten rock.  The monsters there hate cold, but feed 
on the flames of fire, for they are one with it.  Only 
adventurers who are unafraid of the heat, and are between 
level 10 and 12 should enter, but it is my opinion that we
should let the evil fiend Kary be undisturbed.  She hates a
rude awakening.