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Level Range: 17-hero

Continent: Mainland    

Bard Lore:

The Bard smiles and says:

   The Native plains are a throw back to a more
ancient and peaceful time.  The people live in the
forest and worship their spirit gods.  But do not 
let their simplicity lull you into false
confidence, for they are a fierce people, and
long to remember transgressions, especially against
their spirit gods.

   The Native settlement of Darale lies in a forested
area north and west of the mainland town - west past
Kyrse, across a sturdy bridge, and south and west past
an old farm.

   There are rumors of a hidden cavern, deep in the
heart of Darale. It's said that only the truly young
at heart - newbies - can find their way in or out, and
that wondrous treasures wait inside.




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Coded by mota