Cornfield Wars

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Level Range: 7-11

Continent: Mainland    

Bard Lore:

The bard says:
   Ah yes... The cornfield wars. They take place on a strange
little farm, far to the northwest of mainland town, and west
of Kyrse. I've walked past there on many a journey, and each
time I pass, I'm amazed and amused.

   The field is a warzone ... between an army of oversized
gophers, and an army of huge crows!

   These armies fight, it would seem, for the control of the
farm's corn crops (which are quite tasty, by the by).

   If I were to hazard a guess, I'd say these large pests
were the result of some godling's strange sense of humor, or
perhaps a magical experiment gone awry.




Coded By:

written by the one and only Dealer