Chaos Rock

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Level Range: 4-9


Bard Lore:

One day, after an audience with a local lord, he invited me to go game
hunting with him.  He said he knew a good place I'd like near Ariston, 
since it was near the north end of Lyre road.  Not wanting to offend
him, I naturally came along, he also brought a dwarven guard and the
court magician with him, to help him locate the animals, while we were
hunting, we heard a loud sound which scared off most of the animals.
Deciding to wait, we rested in an open meadow, I heard a noise and
woke up, the first thing I saw was my friends all turned into statues.
Not wanting to find out what happened I left the meadow, only to
find a fox standing right in front of me.  I was lucky to have the sense
left to move when it started breathing fire at me!  Needless to say, I
ran back to the south as quickly as possible, only going out of my way
to stop at a nearby cathedral to send off my lost friends before running
back past the woods to Lyre road, and catching the first ship back
towards the mainland.