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```Originally Posted : Sat Sep 04 02:57:25 2021
Posted by : Raine
Title : NPC Heal Shop / Flag Shop
Albert, the flag seller has decided to move into a room north of the
Explorer's Guild Shop. (n, 3e, n)
Yamata, after years of owning a bar, has decided to expand his business.
He purchased Albert's old lot (e, 2n) and opened up a heal shop. He
currently sells various smaller sizes of heals to help new or lower
powered adventurers. Yamata expressed that he knows the prices of his
heals are high, but he makes everything in house and thus must pay his
employees for their labor, as thus must charge a premium to ensure they
too can surive. He assures you that because everything is made in house
that there will _always_ be stock available for purchase, even if other
heal shops in the area run out. Yamata wishes all shop owners the best,
and hopes they understand he is filling a gap in the market and isn't
competing directly with them, as they can still offer lower prices and
still make a profit - he is just insurance in case their suppliers dry up
for months at a time.