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Originally Posted : Thu Apr 01 15:36:16 2021
Posted by : Trix
Title : Super Cereal Changes

We have some exciting new changes to share with you that are going live right now.

* In addition to Patreon to support the MUD, Tsunami now has an OnlyFans account.

* All players will now have their 'eyewear' slot filled with a mask to reduce the spread of COVID-0x13

* The Apocalypse sub-area, Pestilence, is currently under quarantine.

* The Tsunami government has passed a bill decriminalizing certain drugs. Herbalists rejoice as now they can 'inhale' without worrying about the authorities.

* The Gorgons and Basilisks of Tsunami have declared their favorite number to collectivey be 420, for obvious reasons.

* Made spider invasions five times more likely to occur than other invasions due to popular demand.

* Following the trend of everything getting smaller, Giants are now Mediums.

* Fetches have been readded to the game.

* Your sensitive mind notices a wrongness in the fabric of space. Please 'bug' this change. If possible, submit a log of what happened and ask an online wizard to capture the debug log.

* Players are no longer able to die. Rather than condoning violence players will now receive a hug when they reach 0 hp.

* A betting arena has been added where players can bet on which wizard will come out of hibernation long enough to make a change.

* Since more wizards log in than players now-a-days, the roles have been reversed and now players are expected to code while wizards play the game proper.

* To welcome Orion back out of retirement, a special belt has been coded in his honor. It doesn't do anything it won't even pants up.

* Experience gain from playing Yahtzee reinstated.

* Fetches have been removed from the game.

* Ogre knights will now summon a donkey for their steed.

* Wizards, having finally taken over the population have revealed that they weren't Wizards at all, but had painted over the 'L' with a 'W'

* In an effort to improve the new player experience, players can now 'procreate' in game, and a new player now goes through the process of being born and aging in real time.

* The Humane Society has generously donated cans of wet food and litter to help sustain Wildcat.

* The server hamster has been replaced by a chinchilla, increasing operation speed by at least 10 percent.