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help > spells > wormhole
Spell        :   Wormhole
Class        :   Chronomancer
Cost         :   20/60
Casting time :   3
Difficulty   :   Level 1
Syntax       :   cast wormhole <mod> open <destination>
Examples     :   cast wormhole setdest <destination>
                 cast wormhole cleardest <destination>
                 cast wormhole open <target>
                 cast wormhole recall <destination>
                 cast wormhole sense
                 cast wormhole nuke

The Chronomancer can open wormholes in the fabric of space-time!
Through these wormholes instantaneous travel between locales can be
achieved. The Chronomancer can open wormholes not only to locations
where wormholes are known to reside, but he can also direct his
energies and open a wormhole to different targets. The wormhole
will stay open for a while, and is useable by all who see it.

Also 'cast wormhole recall <destination>' shows you the room you
set the '<destination>' in.

Any chronomancer can use their skills, free of cost, to close any
wormhole they encounter with the command 'collapse wormhole'.

You can 'cast wormhole nuke' to delete all destinations set.  You
may also 'cast wormhole sense' to locate the existence of wormholes
anywhere throughout Tsunami.  Neither of these two commands cost any
spell points.

Once opened, anyone may 'enter' the wormhole to travel through it
to the destination.  A Chronomancer may utilize their mastery of
time and space travel to 'enter wormhole dest #' to travel from any 
wormhole through to ANY other opened wormhole.  This # comes from the
wormholes numbered from 'cast wormhole sense' and allows a Chronomancer
to travel from a wormhole of his creation to those made by others.
Example: 'enter wormhole dest 5'

See also: help spells gate, help prayers corridor