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help > spells > wave
Spell        :   Wave
Class        :   Wu-Jen
Sphere       :   Water
Level        :   3
Cost         :   15 (adjusted by modifier)
Spell Type   :   Area effect
Casting Time :   1 round
Syntax       :   cast wave <modifier> <direction>
Examples     :   cast wave east
             :   cast wave +40 northwest

The wave spell brings forth a huge and forceful tidal wave from the
elemental plane of water to wash away anyone who is present in the
same room of the wave to a particular direction.  Only those who are
the sturdiest of the sturdiest may have a chance to stand still under
such a powerful impact of wave.  The tidal wave also has a small
chance to sweep away any small objects that are in its path.  When
cast without a direction, the wave will go through a random one.

Tidal waves have a tendency to extinguish nearby flaming obstacles.

See also: spell firewall