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help > spells > vampirism
Spell        :     Vampirism
Class        :     Dracolich
Cost         :     40 + phylactery energy
Skill Type   :     Active
Casting time :     1 round
Cooldown     :     10 rounds (wars only)
Syntax       :     cast vampirism [<target>]
Examples     :     cast vampirism 
                   cast vampirism kaiban

     Dracoliches have a strong connection to the negative material
plane.  Utilizing this bond, the Dracolich may surround itself or 
an ally with a field of negative energy.  This vampiric aura will 
drain spell points from any foe who comes into contact with it in 
combat.  Over time, stolen energy will be used towards healing any 
damage done to field's recipient.  Only a certain amount of spell 
points can be stolen before the draining effect of the aura fades.  
Vampirism itself will not end if stolen energy is still present. 

     This spell has an above average drain on the Dracolich's 
help phylactery