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help > spells > timetwister
Spell        :   Timetwister
Class        :   Chronomancer
Cost         :   100 (adjusted by sp modifier)
Casting time :   2 round
Cooldown     :   5 rounds
Spell type   :   Heal or Harm
Difficulty   :   Level 2
Syntax       :   cast timetwister [heal|harm] <target>

The timetwister spell seeks back in its target's recent past, 
looking for a time when the target was either more healthy 
(heal) or less healthy (harm) than the present.  If such a 
time is found, the spell attempts to restore the target to 
the form it had at that time; depending on skill level and 
the degree of change, success may be only partial.

This spell is very effective when dealing with the recent past; 
it rapidly loses effect when dealing with more distant history.  
The spell is limited to information contained in the replay 

A chronomancer who is confused is completely unable to manipulate
time in the way that is required with this spell.
See also: help modifiers, help spells